Andre Syben

Managing Director

Andre has always been at the forefront of local contracting and agricultural research and  development not only in NZ but overseas in Europe / Asia and the Americas. He has a wealth of experience in silage, hay and crop production that has been gained by working with top local and international agricultural manufactures and contractors.

Proudly confessing to still be "continually learning and listening" Andre works in the background of the Regal Ag business offering advice and guidance to the team to ensure the companies high expectations and standards are achieved.

Hamish Boyte

Operations Manager

Hamish was born and bred in Te Miro, Cambridge and has always had a love of tractors. He starting his contracting career through a local business but something bigger was calling his name. Hamish took the plunge and went to America for a harvest season or three!

Back to New Zealand, Hamish joined our team at Regal Ag in 2015 as an experienced truck and tractor driver. The end of 2018 saw Hamish move into the office as the Operations Manager. Hamish believes that communication is the key for successful relationships with colleagues and clients.

Chris Tricker

Sales Director

Chris rejoined the Ag Technology Group in 2018 and works out of the Regal Ag office. Chris handles all bale and machinery sale, as well as the sale of crop packaging products for subsidiary business Zeus Packaging.

Chris has previously worked in the Operations Manager role. He knows the local area well and has great working relationships with our clients.

With 40 years in the agricultural industry, Chris understands the requirements of farmers and is able to provide the best solution for each individual clients needs.

Andre Syben, Managing Director of Regal Agriculture

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